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Some Words About Me And The Visuals

Longtime electronic/experimental musician turned visual media generator. :) Offering handmade rhythmic clips in 1080p, as well as the initial frames created to render them if you like (when I figure it out, anyway).

I spent years making and selling very colorful jewelry in Big Sur, California. I got tired of making things that I could only sell once. Getting up there in age, I'm finding a lot of fulfillment in pixel art. I also spent years in the music industry, managing a record store, in and around bands constantly. Lotta history leading up to these visuals, I could go on....

One of my favorite thing-- two of my favorite things in sound are rhythm and texture. I have spend loads of time doing aci-- visualizing sound in my life, most especially while smoking wee-- playing with synthesizers and samplers in my curiously long life.

Can't help but wonder if I might actually make a living out of this fun I have, making videos for my own music and that of others. I'm not into nicking the work of others, so I figured I'd build it from the ground up, in 'low frame rates' (it varies) to accentuate whatever beat you set them to. I've done tons of personal experiments and there's a tremendous amount of fun to be had with my clips.

I have no intention of doing all of the work for you, as I know that's your fun in this! I am building source blocks to 'bounce up', as I say it, into glorious other things. Start with mine, if you like, then drop those filters, effects, plug-ins, whatever the kids call them nowadays. I can personally bounce a few minutes of clips into an interesting hour in less than a day. Eventually, maybe I'll show my methods for anyone to do what I am perfecting for myself, in my ways...but for now I can just offer the files and heartfelt support in your mission to enthuse people in the otherwise mostly dark spaces they might see.

I work in the abstract normally, but this will vary as my interests grow and wane. I prefer to work in grayscale because it can easily be colored with some clicks. My primary interests lie in contrasts and evolutions of light among the dark, and vice versa. My 20 years of time playing with colorful beads of many varieties and shapes gave me a great sense of interplay between colors and the fun that can be had with any sweet palette imaginable. I kid you not, I made more than 100k uniquely designed bracelets, most of them with color. I didn't sell all of them, am too fond of putting them on people when inspired to, because I'm inspired to...but if you only knew, if you only knew.... :)

Here is a playlist of the Autechre album "Amber", one track at a time, each made from my clips for the fun of it and to demonstrate how easy it can be....


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